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The Balkan, New Frontier for Wine

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The Project
L'Expo nei Balcani: una posizione strategica

The South-East Europe represents a region with which Europe itself, namely Italy has a relationship of “strategic partnership" progressively consolidated in the recent years..
After the dramatic and conflict situation of the last century, the region has experienced a significant political stability, thus approaching roads towards integration both as "vertically" (with the European and international institutions) and "horizontally" with the trade liberalization.
Italy has been the most stimulating indicator of this dinamics, as well as with the continuous commitment of local and national public institutions as well as the private ones (now about 30,000 Italian companies are present in the Balkan region). The geographical proximity and deep historical ties have naturally created a common market, which today plays a leading role.
Italy is now the first trade partner of Albania, Croatia and Serbia and in terms of direct investment is the leading investor in Albania and Montenegro, seventh in Croatia and nint h in Bosnia.
In the recent years the commercial exchange between Italy and the Balkans has increased considerably (in 2008 rose to about 6% of total Italian exports, against 3.4% in 2001) and it is growing despite the recession.

Area Involved Population Capital People Distance from Tirana
Albania 3.204.000 Tirana 726.547  
Bosnia 3.760.000 Sarajevo 750.000 330 km
Croatia 4.424.000 Zagabria 879.145 910 km
Kosovo 1.815.000 Pristina 571.532 315 km
Macedonia 2.022.547 Skopie 500.000 312 km
Montenegro 631.490 Podgorica 169.132 154 km
Serbia 7.293.000 Belgrado 1.710.000 743 km